Maximum Strength. Minimum Size.

For several decades now, the trend in the practice of law has been towards ever-increasing specialization.

As a result, law firms that can legitimately claim to be proficient in all areas of the law tend to be very large. And very expensive.

Fortunately, there is an alternative. The Metropolitan Washington Law Consortium, PLLC.

The Consortium is a gathering of strengths: A collection of smaller law firms, each with its own areas of specialty, which use the Consortium to handle certain administrative affairs. Under the Consortium’s umbrella, you will find A-rated lawyers, as well as years of experience, acumen, and expertise in the widest possible variety of legal matters. Thus, you get a lawyer who closely matches your needs, without the overhead and expense of a large firm.

Take a look through our members’ sites.. And see what the Metropolitan Washington Law Consortium can do for you.